Economía marxista para el Siglo XXI

A special issue of  Marxism 21 (vol. 21, 2011) has just been published.

This issue has 4 English articles on Marxian theory of exploitation as follows.

Previous findings by Martinez have raised an important question, which this work contributes to solve: if over time a positive correspondence between productivity and surplus-value rate can be observed ¿why then do underdeveloped countries show higher surplus-value rates than developed countries? Based on econometric analysis, cluster analysis and fixed effect panel analysis evidence is supporting that groups of less productive countries have higher or at least not lower surplus-value rates than those corresponding to more productive groups of countries. Nevertheless, it is also shown that over time or within the groups there is a correlation between productivity and surplus-value rate.

  • Takao Fujimoto, “Reflections on the Concept of Exploitation,”
  • Dong-Min Rieu, “Subjectivism and Individualism: A note on the Marxian theory of exploitation”
  • Paul Cockshott and Heinz Dieterich, “The Contemporary Relevance of Exploitation Theory”

This issue also includes another English article,

  • Hiroshi Ohnishi and Atushi Tazoe, “Profit and ‘Preferential Growth of the First Sector’ in the Marxian Optimal Growth Model”

These papers are electronically available at Marxism 21.


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