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In the current issue, no. 62 –  15  December 2012



A radical reformation of economics education                                            2

Jack Reardon


To observe or not to observe:                                                                    20

Complementary pluralism in physics and economics

Edward Fullbrook

Trend, randomness, and noise: Exogenous vs. endogenous                     29

explanation in complex heterodox analysis       

Yinan Tang, Wolfram Elsner, Torsten Heinrich, Ping Chen


Rational expectations – a fallacious foundation                                          34

for macroeconomics in a non-ergodic world

Lars Syll


Rethinking economics: Logical gaps – empirical to the real world             51

Stuart Birks


Laboratory experimentation in economics                                                 68

Dimitrios Koumparoulis


Some developments in the economic scientific community                       83

and the situation in Germany

Arne Heise


Economy and Society


The Fiscal Cliff – Lessons from the 1930s (Report to US Congress)                     98

Steve Keen


Breakdown of the capacity for collective agency:                                     112

The leitmotif of our times

Korkut Alp Ertürk


Surviving progress: Managing the collective risks of civilization             121

Mark Jablonowski


Financial capitalism – at odds with democracy                                        132

Wolfram Elsner


A hot wheels idea for looking at the distribution                                      160

of household wealth in Mexico 1984-2010

Carlos Guerrero de Lizardi


Past Contributors, submissions, etc.                                                                                        170


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