Economía marxista para el Siglo XXI

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I just finished debating with a left ‘post-Keynesian’ on the relative merits of the contributions of Marx and Keynes to an understanding of what causes crises in capitalism and the potential solutions for labour.  This took place at the summer school of the anti-capitalist left in Spain that I was invited to speak at (see my post,

Below I outline what the supporter of Keynes said and my contribution on behalf of Marx.  The post-Keynesian presented his contribution in Spanish so my English synopsis is based on written material sent by him and it may be unfair or at least inadequate to the arguments of a very honest and positive debater.

He said that the modern orthodox neoclassical synthesis of Keynesian economics represented a distortion of the original ideas of Keynes.  Keynesian economics is not mainly a theory about “depression economics” but one about unemployment and undercapacity…

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