Economía marxista para el Siglo XXI

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In my last post,
(, I pointed out that US employment growth was still pretty weak and was concentrated in low-paid sectors and part-time work or casual (so-called zero hours) contracts., while long-term unemployment remained at record highs. This week, the UK unemployment figures for August were released and were heralded by the Conservative-led coalition government as yet another sign that the UK economy was now starting to establish a significant and sustained recovery.  UK unemployment is now below 2.5 million and the headline unemployment rate fell to 7.7%, for the first time below the level at which the coalition took office in 2010. Employment is at record levels, although this is mainly due to an increasing workforce (immigration being a big factor here).

But beneath these headline figures, the story is not so rosy (see Russell Lynch, Evening Standard, 12 September).  If you add part-time workers who…

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