Economía marxista para el Siglo XXI

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Paul Krugman recently launched into a new attack on the priests of neoclassical economics, Eugene Fama (the new Nobel prize winner – see my  post, and John Cochrane in a recent post ( Krugman reckoned that Fama had committed an error of ‘immaculate causation’ whereby Fama started with an accounting identity, in this case savings = investment, and treated it as a causal relationship, namely savings => (leads to) investment, but makes no attempt to prove that this is the direction of causation.  As Krugman says: “Why not the other way around?” After all, he says that Keynesian models do the opposite of Fama’s neoclassical (Say’s law) causation and reckon the “investment (determined by animal spirits) does in fact determine the level of savings.”

Krugman goes onto argue that if consumers (for some reason due to a change of ‘animal spirits’) start to save more, the accounting…

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