Economía marxista para el Siglo XXI

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It is excellent news that the privatisation of Lloyds Banking Group has finally begun. It follows the return to the private sector of Direct Line, which was spun out of the nationalised RBS, and the looming Royal Mail sell-off. Slowly but surely, some of the errors of the past are being undone, the equity markets are being reinvigorated and parts of the supply-side of the economy are being improved.It is easy to get overly depressed at the state of the UK, our government’s apparent obsession with taxing plastic bags and all the other nonsense. I certainly plead guilty. But every so often it’s worth remembering that it is not all bad: there are lots of debits, but on the credit side of the coalition’s metaphorical bank statement, corporation tax is falling, the top rate of income tax has been cut and now the nationalised banks are starting to be returned…

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