Economía marxista para el Siglo XXI

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Thomas Piketty’s now much lauded book, Capital in the 21st century, was actually published in French last summer.  But it did not receive the overwhelming plaudits that American and British mainstream and leftist economists have given it (see  Indeed, several French critics commented that Piketty’s data on the inequality of wealth in modern capitalist economies was good to have, but so what?  Surely, everybody knows that capitalism generates inequality – what’s new about that.  Some Americans reckon the French attitude is because Piketty is seen as too ‘meritocratic’, which is frowned on in France! (

Thanks to some readers for pointing to some French critics who have come up with several perceptive critiques of Piketty’s book that make many of the points that I have made in my review for Historical Materialism (submitted, but not yet accepted – see my post ( and often…

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