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Issue 171 November 03, 2014 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

Last week, I got the saddening message that Frederic S. Lee, a strong voice of economic heterodoxy as well as the founding editor of this Newsletter, passed away on October 23. His death came much too early given Fred’s tremendous efforts and enthusiasm in promoting heterodox economics and economic pluralism. He will be deeply missed by the community of heterodox economists.

In reaction to Fred’s untimely passing a number of old friends, colleagues, students, and even those who have never met Fred have sent statements of mourning and retrospection (see here). You may have a look at Fred’s obituary (written by Tae-Hee Jo). Personally, I also found his autobiographical essay to be very inspiring.

In spite of his untimely passing, I should point out that Fred’s intellectual heritage will continue to flower. He left behind an impressive academic oeuvre as well as a whole generation of dedicated and well-trained heterodox economists, to whose education he contributed. Moreover, Tae-Hee Jo and Zdravka Todorovka are currently preparing a Festschrift dedicated to Fred’s various areas of academic interest (publication is planned for 2015).

One way to honor Fred’s efforts is to have a look at his publications. Since Fred was a vivid, versatile, highly prolific and very active author of scholarly publications anyone interested in heterodox economics may find some inspiration in his workings. There are some archival materials he wanted to share with us on his website. Additionally, you will also find two events related to Fred’s heritage – one at SOAS on 22 November as well as a special session on Fred’s work at the meeting of the Eastern Economic Association – in this issue of the Newsletter.

Finally and most importantly, Fred also set up a fund for heterodox scholarships, dedicated to financing PhD-studentships in the area of heterodox economics. If you want to honor Fred’s attitude and efforts posthumously you may donate to this fund here.

In mourning,


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