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Cuadernos de Economía Crítica vol. 2 num. 3 2015

Cuadernos de Economía Crítica  busca funcionar como espacio de debate, abierto a perspectivas y enfoques heterodoxas, así como el diálogo con otras disciplinas científicas, con la intención de construir conocimiento a partir de una amplia comprensión de la realidad social. Busca alimentar a la formación crítica de profesionales y académicos de la economía, poniendo en cuestión los dogmas de la perspectiva neoclásica, que tanto impacto ha tenido en nuestras universidades y centros de difusión de pensamiento.

Lea este número dedicado a la pluralidad de enfoques en la enseñanza de la economía

Vol 2, No 3 (2015)

Association for Critical Sociology

Critical Sociology

Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.” Karl Marx, Theses on Feuerbach

Capitalism is founded on the ability to appropriate the social surplus of society by the few who control the means of production and of subsistence. The consequence of these capitalist social relations is a chronic and environmentally unsustainable dynamic, periods of boom alternating with bust, resulting in longer and deeper crises that inflict ever greater pain on more and more of the world’s population.  The Association for Critical Sociology, through the journal Critical Sociology and the book series Studies in Critical Social Sciences, and during the many conferences and panels it sponsors, is committed to providing both a space for critical analysis and an opportunity to have an open dialogue that can examine the consequences of capitalist development and the potential for resistance. (más…)

The Labor and Working Class History Association (LAWCHA)

On_strikeThe Labor and Working Class History Association (LAWCHA) is open to everyone interested in studying the history of working-class men and women, their lives, workplaces, communities, organizations, cultures, political activities, and societal contexts.  It aims to promote an international, theoretically informed, comparative, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and diverse labor and working-class history.

The association seeks to develop mutually supportive relationships with existing regional, state, and local labor studies and labor history societies as well as with federations of labor, their affiliated trade unions, independent labor unions and organizations, and labor history associations in other countries.

association will encourage research, writing, and teaching about labor and working- class history and be open to the widest possible variety of approaches to the subject and a free exchange of ideas and opinions.  The organization will seek to recruit a demographically and regionally diverse membership and leadership.  It is committed to making the study of working- class history an integral part of the history and social studies curricula in the public schools and also to collaborating with trade union research and education directors in making labor history more accessible to union members.  It also will be an advocate for including the history of working-class men and women in public history projects and historical initiatives by federal, state, and local governments and governmental bodies.

The association seeks to produce more visibility and outlets for labor history scholarship, to work toward creating a much stronger communications network and support base in public debates that affect us as academic workers or as members of the broader labor community, and to provide stronger support for the career development of junior members of the labor history sub- discipline.  The association will reward and recognize excellent scholarly and public contributions in the area of labor history and labor studies.  Finally, in all of its initiatives, the association seeks to increase the numbers and visibility of those obviously underrepresented populations in the life of the association and of the field.

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