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Sitio web sobre Andre Gunder Frank (1929-2005), teórico de la dependencia

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Thank you for your interest in my web-page. Here you will find among other things, some personal information about me, and much material that

  1. explains the topics of, approaches to, and often results from my RESEARCH on dependence, world system, international political economy, world history, archaelogy, social movements …
  2. lists my almost one thousand PUBLICATIONS, half of them probably on dependence;
  3. cites them in the 30 LANGUAGES in which my publications have appeared;
  4. links you ON-LINE to several dozen of these articles and chapters written by me;
  5. links you to a DOZEN LANGUAGE biblio-biographical essays by others about me;
  6. links you on-line to a half dozen AUTO-BIO-BIBLIO- GRAPHICAL essays about my work on dependence, 500 year world system, 5,000 year world history, and about my scholarly discussions and political relations with colleagues, friends, and enemies;
  7. offers guides and summaries to my present work on CONTEMPORARY WORLD AFFAIRS;
  8. leads you to and catalogs my personal ARCHIVES deposited at IISG in Amsterdam;
  9. offers you a sample of INTERNET references to me found by GOOGLE in various languages;

If after having extracted from this web-page and its many links what it is worth you still [or then newly] have a particular concrete question, please ask me at ……………….. and I will see if I can answer something that is not already here.
Gunder Frank


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