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Secular stagnation, monetary policy and John Law — Michael Roberts Blog

Last week, the prestigious Brooking Institution held a conference on the efficacy of monetary policy in stimulating and sustaining economic growth. At the conference, Larry Summers, former US Treasury secretary and professor at Harvard University and Lukasz Rachel of the Bank of England, presented a paper that aimed to revive, yet again, the idea that […]

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Accountable, inclusive or responsible capitalism? — Michael Roberts Blog

Senator Elizabeth Warren is tipped as a likely Democratic presidential candidate in 2020. She is seen as being on the ‘left’ of the Democratic Party, a radical fighting against the powerful rich and Trumpism in all its forms. To promote that image, she has unveiled legislation aimed at reining in big corporations, redistributing wealth, and […]

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A new global credit crunch to come? — Michael Roberts Blog

At the time of the general election in Turkey, I pointed out that Turkey was near the top of the pile for a debt and currency crisis. It was running a massive current account (trade and payments) deficit with other countries and its external debt (what it owes to other countries in credits) was over […]

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Trade war and depression — Michael Roberts Blog

Today is a threshold date for the global economy. Trump’s US administration starts imposing trade tariffs on $34bn of imports from China. And Beijing is set to target an equal amount in retaliation. Add that to the pile of tariffs and counter-tariffs growing across the Atlantic and North America, and the value of trade covered by […]

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Desigualdad creciente en todo el mundo

There is a book sweeping the popular media at the moment. It’s called Factfulness. It purports to argue that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, the world is becoming a better place. Poverty is falling, life expectancy is rising; health levels are improving; people have more things and better services. Even violence and wars are in […]

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Marx 200 – a review of Marx’s economics, Michael Roberts

My new book is ready. Called Marx 200 – a review of Marx’s economics 200 years after his birth, it is published by Lulu and is now available on Lulu’s site. With the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birthday on 5 May, I thought it might be useful to attempt to explain Marx’s economic ideas […]

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Modalidades de la propiedad pública

I have just attended a special conference called by the British Labour Party to discuss models of public ownership. The aim of the conference was to develop ideas on how a Labour government can build the public sector if it came into office at the next general election. The centrepiece of the conference was a […]

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