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Grossman on capitalism’s contradictions — Michael Roberts Blog

Henryk Grossman, Capitalism’s contradictions: studies in economic theory before and after Marx, edited by Rick Kuhn, published by Haymarket Books. Rick Kuhn, the indefatigable editor, biographer and publisher of the writings of Henryk Grossman, has another book out on his work. Grossman was an invaluable contributor to the development of Marxist political economy since Marx’s […]

a través de Grossman on capitalism’s contradictions — Michael Roberts Blog

Puerto Rico, la isla devastada

When it rains, it pours. Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico off the US mainland leaving the country devastated with no power, no food and water. Puerto Ricans are US citizens, as the island is officially a ‘US territory’ – in effect, a colony like the French overseas territories. But the US mainland […]

a través de Puerto Rico: when it rains, it pours — Michael Roberts Blog

La Revolución de Octubre y el futuro del socialismo

Trump’s budget balls-up — Michael Roberts Blog

President Trump’s economic team have release their plans for the federal budget over the next ten years. It is a combination of wildly optimistic economic growth forecasts, vicious cutbacks in public services and environmental measures; and significant cuts in corporate taxes and personal taxes for the rich. But what is exercising mainstream economists are the […]

a través de Trump’s budget balls-up — Michael Roberts Blog

William Baumol y un problema de la teoría marxista del valor: los precios de producción

William J. Baumol, who died last week at the age of 95, was one of the pre-eminent mainstream economists of his generation. He taught for more than 40 years at Princeton University and at New York University, where he retired in 2014. His work touched on monetary policy, corporate finance, welfare economics, resource allocation and […]

a través de William Baumol and the transformation problem — Michael Roberts Blog

Corea del Norte una historia de aislamiento

Tensions in Asia have been rising sharply as North Korea continues its missile testing in defiance of US demands for them to cease. President Trump has been upping the ante with threats to by-pass China and the stalled so-called six party talks supposedly working out a ‘peace solution’ with North Korea, and ‘deal with’ North […]

a través de North Korea: a story of isolation — Michael Roberts Blog

Conmemorando los 150 años de la publicación de El capital

Karl Marx published the first volume of his life work, Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, in September 1867. Together with Volumes II and III, published after Marx’s death by Friedrich Engels, this book remains the most profound and challenging study of the logic of the capitalist system that still dominates our lives. To discuss […]

a través de 150 years since Capital was published – a special symposium — Michael Roberts Blog

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